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TMJ Syndrome refers to acute or chronic inflammation of the temporomandibular joint, which connects the lower jaw (mandible) to the skull.  Inflammation and misalignment of this joint can lead to significant pain and impairment.  Symptoms may be extensive and can include not only facial pain but also ear aches, headaches, hearing loss, dizziness, neck and shoulder pain, and difficulty biting or chewing.  Sufferers often notice clicking, popping or grating sounds when opening or closing their mouth.

How can laser therapy help someone suffering from TMJ Syndrome?  A combined care approach is always best!  While patients experiencing TMJ Syndrome should have their teeth checked by a qualified dentist/orthodontist, they should also have their jaw checked for misalignment of the joint.  Dr. Terai specializes in Activator Methods chiropractic technique, which uses a hand-held device that can be used to gently re-align the joint.  Low Intensity LaserTherapy treatments are then given to reduce the swelling and inflammation in the area, giving much needed pain relief while aiding in healing the surrounding tissues and nerves.

Kelowna Laser Therapy Success Stories:

A young college student was plagued with constant pain in both sides of his face, as well as daily headaches and pain in his neck and shoulders, which made studying and homework nearly impossible.  A combination of chiropractic adjustments to his jaw and neck as well as laser therapy treatments to his jaw, neck and shoulders resulted in an end to the pain for the first time in years.  He was able to finish his studies and carry on to pursue his career goals pain-free.

A middle aged woman working with her orthodontist to re-align her teeth and jaw was suffering from constant facial pain so severe that she could hardly get through her days.  When she came to Kelowna Laser Therapy Clinic she was seeking any level of pain relief possible.  She received adjustments to re-align her jaw and neck as well as laser therapy treatments to both her jaw and neck.  After the first treatment she noticed a significant reduction in pain, and after a few treatments on each side her facial pain was nearly gone.  Treatment then focused on treating her neck and shoulders to alleviate the constant neck and shoulder pain and headaches that had plagued her.  On completion of care she was pain free and had booked a holiday with her spouse – feeling confident she could enjoy travelling for the first time in over a decade.

Clinical Research on Laser Therapy Treatment of TMJ
“Application of 10 or 15 J/cm2 was significantly more effective in reducing pain compared to placebo.  Results were marked in those with chronic pain.” – Effectiveness of Low-Level Laser Therapy in Temporo-mandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorders: A Placebo Controlled Study – Fikackova et al. (2007) Photomed & Laser Surg

Don’t let the agony of TMJ Syndrome stop you from living.  Call 250-860-4518 to book your consultation today, and take the first step back to a life without pain.

Laser therapy is the safe and clinically proven effective treatment of choice for patients of any age – child to senior.  This painless therapy is non-invasive, non-surgical and has no side effects.