Gout (also referred to as gouty arthritis) is a debilitating form of arthritis caused by the accumulation of uric acid crystals in the joints and tendons. It is an intensely painful disease that results from an increased uric acid concentration in the bloodstream.

Low Intensity Laser Therapy has been clinically demonstrated to shorten the duration of the initial outbreak in addition to relieving the pain associated with gout.

The onset of gout is generally confined to nocturnal pain in a single joint, although it can be associated with multiple joints. The pain becomes progressively more severe and at times can be excruciating. The symptoms often mimic those of acute infection with swelling, elevated temperature and redness. The soft tissues overlying the joint are usually extremely tender, and in some instances even the presence of blankets touching the skin can be irritating. The overlying skin is tense, warm, shiny and red or purplish in colour. Fever, elevated heart rate, chills and feeling unwell may also be present.

Low Intensity Laser Therapy (LILT) properly applied can significantly reduce the pain and swelling associated with acute outbreaks of gout immediately, with elimination of the requirement for pharmaceuticals. LILT acts rapidly to reduce the inflammation surrounding the joint capsule in addition to relieving the debilitating pain.

Avoiding purine rich foods such as meat, fish, dry beans, mushrooms, alcohol, in addition to consuming purine-neutralizing foods (i.e. fresh fruits and vegetables) could help reduce the trigger for gout. In addition to changes in diet, increasing the volume of liquids ingested, particularly water, aids in the body’s ability to remove the toxins which can cause or aggravate gout.

Laser therapy is the safe and clinically proven effective treatment of choice for patients of any age – child to senior.  This painless therapy is non-invasive, non-surgical and has no side effects.