Testimonials are a great way to learn about the results of laser therapy. Here are a few from our clinic and across Canada of patients who have improved in their conditions, all thanks to the Bioflex Low Intensity Laser Therapy systems!

"One word is amazing. And I cannot say that I can put a price on removing pain –chronic, debilitating  pain.

I am much happier being pain free. It is wonderful. My neck had whiplash over 30 yrs. ago and my low back was in pain from both disc issues and arthritis.

In 2014 I had an MRI stating the following:
Multilevel cervical (neck) degeneration. Disc herniated L4-5 affecting L4-5 nerve root.
In 2017 (after I had been undergoing Laser treatment) an MRI showed only mild forms of the above.

Initially, I was in pain with no possible surgical intervention. However, after 20 appointments involving Laser treatment I have no problems moving and experience no pain at all.

I am now having treatment for arthritis in my hands and carpal tunnel issues in my wrists.

I was in pain writing and even working in my kitchen. These tasks no longer cause me pain and I am 85% recovered. I can write and use my hands again.

One key.  What I discovered when I was having treatment is that there is no noticeable change until the 10th. appointment so you need to stick with it for success.

I have seen many other specialists and physiotherapists for this with no obvious change."
L.T.- Kelowna BC

"I had rotator cuff problems for 3 years. My sleep was disrupted, daily chores were very painful (especially vacuuming), and exercising was difficult.

I had 5 treatments and it was amazing. I slept through the night, and have no more pain with whatever I do.

Having no pain night or day after 3 years of suffering has changed my life. I would definitely recommend laser therapy.

Dr. Terai and his staff are wonderful. They are very caring and you don't have to wait forever to get an appointment.

Thank you so much."
M.F. - Kelowna BC

" I had plantar fasciitis on and off for a year. I had discomfort when walking and a bit of pain when sitting.

After several treatments, I had little or no discomfort. My condition has improved immensely. I would definitely recommend laser therapy.

The staff were very good at explaining my problem and they were helpful in arranging appointments. A rewarding experience!"
A.R. - Kelowna BC

"I was in terrible pain for a few weeks, and would wake up many times in the middle of the night. Walking short distances was impossible because of pain at my lower back and my right leg.

My family doctor sent me to the hospital for an X-ray, he thought that it could be a blood clot, but it wasn't.

I continued taking Tylenol and Aleve to suppress the pain.

I visited Dr. Wayne Terai, and his diagnosis was that I had a damaged nerve.

I had 12 laser treatments and now, after 4 weeks, I am pain free. I have no problems with sleeping anymore and can walk short distances again.

Thank you, Dr.Wayne and Caitlin very much for your treatments that have helped me so much!"
H.J. - Kelowna BC

“My hand was in pain.  I would drop things and couldn’t sleep all night without waking up with pain.  It started 20 years ago and it got worse as the years went by till the last couple of years it got worst.  I couldn’t hold a pen to write my name.  After 10 treatments I cancelled my surgery that I was to have on my hand.  I have no pain.  I can sleep all night without pain.  Also, I am an active person that wants to go all the time.  I quilt, sew and volunteer again.  This has improved my life!  I didn’t want to be cut up again… had too many surgeries in my life… it’s a long time to heal.  Carpal Tunnel Laser Therapy is much better!”
A.S. – Kelowna BC 

"When I entered the treatment program, both of my hands were affected.  It was very difficult to do even simple tasks with my hands.  After a series of treatments, my hands returned to normal.  It has been more than a year since the last treatment and the fingers are still working well."
M.K. - Kelowna BC 

"...thank you for your prompt and amazingly rapid treatment of my groin strain earlier this month...To my astonishment, after examination, you stated that 4 treatments would 'solve the problem and have me ready to ski race'...  After a single low intensity laser session that Friday I found almost 90% recovery and improvement.  After 3 more sessions... I had close to 100% remediation... This is technology that really does work..."
- C Sadler

"...players who had been injured for several days or weeks were almost invariably returned to activity within three to four days after initiating treatment..."
- Chuck Mooney, Toronto Raptors

"... I have several players now that only wish to have their injuries treated with the laser..."
- Ron Culp, Miami Heat

"My Journey from Hell to Paradise... I woke up each and every morning with shooting pains in my neck and the base of my skull...But there is a happy ending to my story... These pain free days have been filled with joy, laughter, family, grandchildren and good friends.  I am now the Judi that they remembered..."
- J. Jackson, Toronto

"...You will be interested to know that after 2.5 years of attempting to find relief from my sciatic pain problem, today I have NO pain..."
- G.W. LeRiche, Missisauga

"...I had suffered a serious flare up of a chronic back problem ... I completed a course of 14 treatments over a six week period with a very significant improvement in my pain and a return to close to normal activity..."
-- Dr. Ray Wolf, MD, Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto

"... was diagnosed with acutely herniated lumber disc which was seen as 'incurable'... it has been almost a year since my last treatment and no pain has returned...Not only did Dr. Kahn cure my back pain, but he has improved my quality of life..."
- A. Ahmed

"...Although a skeptic of treatment beyond the traditional medical model (surgery and drugs). I needed to get better quickly... after 6 treatments over a 10 day period, 95% of normal function was achieved.  I am grateful and
- C. Mika, Nurse

"... I developed spinal stenosis.  My doctor sent me to a spinal surgeon.  I was told by him that nothing could be done... After one laser treatment I no longer need pain medication...You will never know how much you have changed my life..."
- G Hatch, Beeton ON

"...I am excited to write to thank you for the range of motion I now enjoy in my neck and the absence of chronic pain in my knee and right foot...  I can not tell you how much I appreciate your diligent efforts to bring LILT to the forefront to help many, many people where the general medical industry has perhaps written them off as incurable..."
- Paul M Stiles, Harvest TV